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Fonio Every Night Gift Set


And FonioAll Day!The FonioCookbook6 packsof fonio+ all 5fonio pilafs

Are you ready for some fonio-oh-oh-ooh!? This is the ultimate gift for fonio fans, or anyone who may be curious to do a deep dive into the Seed of the Universe, West Africa’s gluten-free ancient grain.

This gift includes 11 packages of Yolélé products (6 bags of Yolélé Fonio, plus 1 of each of our 5 Fonio Pilafs: Yassa!, Jollof, Afro-Funk, Dakar Curry, and Greens!), and an author-signed copy of Yolélé co-founder Pierre Thiam’s The Fonio Cookbook.

The landmark cookbook provides dozens of beautifully photographed, creative, and delicious recipes for fonio (and a few for fonio flour!): from simple to complex, from traditionally inspired to modern American. The book also tells the story of fonio’s origins and its cultural importance and shares evocative, honest photographs of the people who grow it, against all odds. It’s a truly comprehensive work, providing unparalleled depth and inspiration for this underutilized crop’s potential.

But is that enough? No! This fonio celebration comes with enough of the grain to try loads of Pierre’s recipes, plus our five Fonio Pilaf mixes—for a taste of West Africa at a moment’s notice.

Give adventure and inspiration, and a whole lot of meals, to the culinary enthusiast in your life.