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A Taste of Senegal Gift Set


Yassa!JollofDakar CurrySenegalModernSenegalese Recipesfrom the sourceto the bowl

Yolélé co-founder Pierre Thiam explores the cultures of his homeland in this author-signed book. Yes, it’s a cookbook, but it’s so much more. Magnificently photographed by Evan Sung, Senegal is a tribute to the vibrant traditions of this sunny country at the western tip of the African continent. From palm fruit harvesters to beach wrestlers, from desert to mangrove, Dakar nightlife to sleepy southern countryside, this book immerses you in a place you will feel compelled to experience for yourself. And the recipes are pretty good, too!

After being inspired by how people cook and eat in Senegal, whip up some fonio dishes with our West African pilafs that evoke some of the iconic flavors described in the book.

Even if you or a loved one can’t make it to Senegal (for now), you can explore this beautiful country from your kitchen.