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Yolélé Origins Gift Set


Yolélé!the Cookbook3 bagsof fonioall 5fonio pilafs

For someone looking for a crash course in West African culinary culture, this gift delivers– with taste, beauty, and soul.

Yolélé co-founder Pierre Thiam wrote the cookbook Yolélé when it became clear to him that cooking alone did not satisfy the need to share the glories of his Senegalese origins with the world. That passion ultimately led him to start the company Yolélé, one that shares not only traditions but actual ingredients grown by West African farmers. The author-signed book is full of stories and characters from his childhood, along with recipes ranging from basic to sophisticated, from traditional to innovative. Illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs of food, places and people that will spark a curiosity to delve further into this under-explored region.

We add plenty of fonio for recipe testing, and our five Fonio Pilaf mixes to give a taste of West African flavor at a moment’s notice.