The Complete Pierre Thiam Collection
The Complete Pierre Thiam Collection

The Complete Pierre Thiam Collection

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Great for beginner cooks and professionals alike, get the full set of Chef Pierre Thiam’s cookbooks to add to the collection.

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      • Yolélé: Yolélé is Pierre’s first cookbook that celebrates the cuisine of his home, Senegal, a multicultural country with culinary influences from all over the world. Pierre grew up in Senegal’s capital, Dakar, surrounded by bright, flavorful ingredients and passionate home cooks. The book shares the art of creating gorgeous meals using local produce and farm-fresh meats and seafood inspired by the tables of Senegal. A perfect introduction to Senegalese cuisine.
      • Senegal: Senegal will transport you deep into the country’s rich, multifaceted cuisine. These recipes are Yolélé co-founder chef Pierre Thiam’s own takes on the traditional. Learn to cook the vibrant, diverse food of Senegal, such as soulful stews full of meat falling off the bone; healthy ancient grains and dark leafy greens; fresh seafood grilled over open flame with salsas singing of bright citrus and fiery peppers; and lots of fresh vegetables and salads bursting with West African flavors.
      • Fonio: The Fonio Cookbook is full of simple recipes for the home cook, with both storied West African dishes such as Fonio Fritters with Sweet Potato and modern creations like Tamarind Roasted Chicken with Fonio and Fonio Seafood Paella. Among the recipes, you’ll find a rich cultural history of fonio. The Fonio Cookbook takes the reader on a journey to Senegal’s fonio-growing region, with evocative photos and stories from harvest season detailing the grain’s ease of growth and highlighting the people who transform fonio from crop to edible grain.
      • Simply West African: In Simply West African, Chef Pierre Thiam unlocks the region’s essential tastes for the everyday home cook. With helpful tips and tricks that teach readers the basics of the cuisine, Pierre shows how seamlessly these flavorful, easy-to-execute dishes can become weeknight staples or the star of your table for weekend gatherings.

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