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Classic Tuna Sandwich + Fonio Chips

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March 24, 2021 by Amethyst Ganaway

With warmer weather approaching, I always end up wanting food that isn’t heavy, is quick to make, and packed full of fresh produce. Sandwiches are my go to – cold, crisp lettuce, flavorful fresh tomatoes, slapped on a piece of good lightly toasted bread slathered with Duke’s mayo. There are few things better than a good tuna sandwich on a warm day with crunchy chips on the side. Pairing Yolélé’s Sea Salt Fonio chips (or any of our chips really) completes this meal to leave you feeling full and satisfied. This recipe could easily be adapted for two or more, and is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B, and more.


Serves 1
    • can (3.5oz) Fishwife smoked albacore tuna, or 1 small can (4-5oz) of tuna of your choice, drained
    • tablespoons mayonnaise (Duke’s if you have it)
    • ½  teaspoon Dijon mustard
    • 1 ½  teaspoons sweet pickle relish
    • Black pepper to taste
    • Whole grain bread, sliced tomatoes, butter lettuce, and any other condiments you like


      • 01 .  

        In a small bowl, break up the tuna with a fork or spoon until it is less chunky and more flakey. Add the mayonnaise, mustard, and sweet pickle relish and mix well. Season with black pepper.

      • 02 .  

        If you prefer, lightly toast your bread and add any toppings and condiments you’d like. I add thick sliced tomatoes, lots of romaine or butter lettuce, and extra Duke’s mayonnaise to my bread before adding my tuna and completing the sandwich.

      • 03 .  

        Serve with any of Yolélé’s Fonio chips and enjoy!


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